Race Schedule 2017

This year is proving difficult for planning, as the hamstring rehab drags on and my confidence that I’ll be able to do any distance at race pace wavers.

However, life is not about certainty, so I’m planning and hoping and will adapt as required.

In order to make sure I don’t blow the season outright, I’m not putting myself into a long race until I know the leg can truly take it. That means skipping Guelph Lake 5i50 this year. I’ve raced both Guelph Lake I and II each season so far (sprint or 5i50), so it’ll seem a bit odd to not bookend the season with those races. However, it should make running it in September a little more exciting.

With a family vacation planned in PEI for mid-July, I was happy to find out that one of the large races in PEI takes place the day after we arrive, just 30 minutes from our rented cottage. Perfect timing. We’ll be driving out East, so I will definitely have to find ways to keep my legs loose for three days en route — but I think it should be fun to race out of province, and given the perfect timing of this one, I can’t pass it up. Even the Chef d’Équipe sees the logic in this one.

And of course I also get the added fun this year of working in at least one “Try-a-Tri” to put my swimming to the test. If that goes well, meaning basically that I don’t drown, I’ll look to add another one later in the season — or if I think I can possibly do it, I will swap a sprint duathlon for a sprint tri. That might be overly optimistic, but let’s get past the hamstring question and then see.

The schedule below could still change in a few different ways, but here’s the current thinking.

Guelph Lake I (Guelph, ON)      17 June            Sprint Du (2/20/5) or Try-a-Tri (375/10/2.5)
Rose City (Welland, ON)             24 June             Sprint Du (2.5/20/5)

TriLobster (Summerside, PEI)  16 July              Sprint Du (5/20/2.5)

Niagara (Grimsby, ON)               30 July              Try-A-Tri (375m/10/2.5)

Orillia (Orillia, ON)                     20 August         Sprint Du (2/33/7)

Guelph Lake II (Guelph, ON)     2 September   Sprint Du (2/30/7) or Sprint Tri (750m/30/7)