Race Schedule 2017

This year is was difficult for planning, as the hamstring rehab dragged on and my confidence to do any distance at race pace wavered. But by delaying my first race into late June, getting that first finish of the year under my belt to build my confidence, the season has been salvaged.

I’ve failed at getting into my first triathlon, for multiple reasons — including mother nature. But the hope remains that I’m getting into a sprint triathlon early next season!

I’m hoping to close out the year with a sixth race very late in the season, at the Overdrive series in Bowmanville. It’s a unique two-day festival of races — road, trail, and combinations thereof — at the Canadian Tire Motorsport park, ie racing on the track. I’ve wanted to try this race since its inception!


2017 Race Schedule & Results


Rose City (Welland, ON)           24.06    Sprint Du (2.5/20/5)         6/12 AG, 33/92 OA

TriLobster (PEI)                         16.07    Sprint Du (5/20/2.5)          3rd OA

Niagara (Grimsby, ON)             30.07    Sprint Du (2/25/7)             7/18 AG, 28/77 OA

Orillia (Orillia, ON)                    20.08    Sprint Du (2/33/7)             3rd AG, 10/41 OA

Lakeside (Medina, ON)              09.09     Sprint Du (5/20/2.5)

Overdrive (Bowmanville, ON)  28.10   Sprint or Cross Du