Rounding The Corner

As slowly as late Fall and Winter have gone, I was suprised to realise in the past few days that in just six weeks, racing starts again.

Team McKnapp has sat down to finalize the racing schedule for 2016, and I’ve locked in the dates as much as one can this far ahead of time. The goal is to complete the International Distance that injuries prevented me undertaking last year (the 5i50 was close, but a few kilometres short on the run). I’m aiming for a total of four races, and managed to select four that are spaced a month apart from each other. Recover, train, train more, taper, race, repeat.

All my hours in the gym this winter have maintained some fitness. Now we start to work at being race ready again.

Barring work, life, or injury interference, I’ve set my race dates as follows:

May 21: Ottawa Early Du – Long Sprint (2/35/5)
June 18: Guelph Lake I – 5i50 (2/40/10)
July 16: Gravenhurst – International (10/40/5)  “A” Race
August 14: Orillia – Sprint (2/33/7)

These are penciled in with room to flex if a particular race gets threatened – fortunately, there are lots of options to swap one for another. Holidays and work requirements are all slotted in, so we should be set to launch the season on this schedule in May.

I am looking forward to the May start. Last year I started at Guelph Lake I at the end of June, and it felt like a long wait. This May race is a Somersault series event, which will be my first du not in the MultiSport Canada or Subaru Trisport Canada series. It will be interesting to see how the organization and energy is. Energy will certainly be helped by my Ottawa family members coming to cheer me on!

More to come in the weeks ahead, but for now, we can all clearly see that my time in the gym and on the road is about to get serious.

And if I’m really going to go aero this year on a tri-specific bike, I had better get it soon!



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