The Adjustment Period

It’s been a long while between posts, I realize. I’ve been looking forward to getting back into writing about duathlon, training, life and more.

In the past month, we’ve done multiple family visits for the holidays; I’ve done a really stupid flip over my back porch railing, thankfully emerging with “just” a bit of facial scarring; and, the Chef d’équipe and I managed to make it for our week in sunny Mexico, where my “I love to run on vacation” came head-to-head with both a challenge and a reward — challenging due to the searing heat that made even slow 6 to 7km runs difficult, but rewarding in that I got to see real, live, crocodiles sunning themselves just 25 feet from the sidewalk. Survived the heat and the crocodiles, and got back in time for me to start my new job January 11, with just a hint of a black eye from the aforementioned flip, and a really nice tan.

My last post spoke to the pending job change, which was fraught at the time with both excitement and uncertainty. I’ve been in the position for just about three weeks, and the adjustment is taking a bit of effort. The commute is undeniably longer, the days in the office more demanding, my day-per-week of working from home is gone… and it’s all resulted in perpetually feeling rushed to get everything done.

That said, I’ve managed to keep training — to the point that I’m telling myself it’s time to ease up.

I’d like to be averaging 6 hours of solid training each week by May, and for the past few weeks, I’ve been logging 5 hours each week — a mix of tempo “dreadmill” runs and biking sessions on the trainer, plus my weekly cross-training in the form of a hockey game. This is topped off by another hour and a half, on average, of strength and flexibility work in the form of full body weight sessions and yoga.

Not only is the time taxing the household in terms of hours devoted to workouts, but it’s taxing the body — and, I realise, unnecessarily. Knees and IT band are starting to complain. As I learned last year, heading into the season injured doesn’t make for much of a season. So I’ll back off for a while and start building more training time back in by March and April.

The added bonus is that I’ll have a little more time for the new work demands to normalize before I start ramping up again.

More time, too, to finish mapping out the ideal race season, and to finalize my goals for a third year in duathlon. Because let’s face it — when I’m not training for it, I’m still thinking about it.

Must find new hobbies.


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