Things I Love: No-Gag Cottage Cheese!

While I have long understood the nutritional benefits of cottage cheese, the texture of it has proven to be an insurmountable hurdle. No matter how hard I tried, or what brands and types I tried, I just couldn’t make myself choke down those little curdy things.

Specifically, I think it’s the combination of liquid and curd that turns me off cottage cheese. Texture fail.

If you’re anywhere near the same, and many of you are, I suspect you’re sitting there thinking “braaaack” and getting ready to close this browser window.

But don’t. Just hear me out. Because cottage cheese salvation has arrived in our grocery store dairy cases.

Smooth, silky, sumptuous... despite being cottage cheese!

Smooth, silky, sumptuous… despite being cottage cheese!

This summer, Gay Lea launched a new Nordica brand cottage cheese, called Nordica Smooth. Currently available in Salted Caramel and Vanilla Bean flavours, it’s being sold in four packs.

I heard about the product over a lunch meeting. Within one day, I had picked a pack up to try. I was cautiously optimistic that this might be my cottage cheese solution. Indeed, it is.

Flavourwise, I started with the salted caramel, as I’m pretty picky on vanilla flavouring stuff in general (it can be good, but it can also be sooooo bad!).

It’s sweet, but also a touch salty, as you’d find in “traditional” cottage cheese. Smooth? Hell yes. In fact, it’s downright silky. Think of a light cheesecake, or a deliciously smooth and thick greek yogurt. Now you can have that same experience with cottage cheese, aka minus the lumps!

I hoovered my four pack pretty quickly.

At 110 calories per serving, packing 10g of protein, this is a snack with much potential! There are 12g of sugar per serving, which is comparable to — or slightly less than — the average flavoured greek yogurt.

While I’ll primarily eat this as a snack or to supplement a scant lunch, I’m also able to say with a straight face that it’d make a great dessert replacement if you, like me, fight your sweet tooth on a regular basis. Yes, I’m serious.

Here’s hoping Gay Lea will come up with an unflavoured (aka unsweetened version) and some other flavours soon, as well as larger containers. Even if they don’t, I’m sold — I’ll be buying these whenever I am in the dairy aisle and see Nordica Smooth in the cooler.


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