Ride Like The Wind

I shaved off my beard tonight. It’s been about three years since I last rocked the clean-shaven face, and although I had thought to shave it off nearer the start of the summer, I just never got to it.

As I was finishing up, more than a little relieved to see that I don’t have an atrocious tan line from having a beard all summer, I realized one of the first questions I would get tomorrow will likely be whether I did it to be faster in my upcoming race.

The easy answer is “no”. I really just felt like a change. I’ll grow back the beard over the coming months, but for now, the baby face is back.

However, it does bring to mind the neverending debate on whether shaving faces or legs (or even arms) can make for a faster cyclist. Because, well, cyclists will do just about anything to get faster, including that.

The good folks at Specialized have not only developed their own wind tunnel (or as they call it, the Win Tunnel), but they’re happy to answer questions such as these while they’re in between sessions developing faster bikes.

So enjoy the following — as well as the other Win Tunnel clips. They’re fun for even the mildest cycling geek.


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