Things I Love: Bean Ladies Roasted Soybeans

SoybeansThe quest to fuel the machine with healthy and tasty foods means an ongoing search for new snack options. This is particularly true during race season, when my morning snack of a banana needs supplementing with some lean protein so I don’t get unbearably hangry before lunchtime.

A product I’ve found recently – which is not exactly new on the market but is entirely new to me – is The Bean Ladies roasted soybeans.

Offered in both sweet and savoury flavours, these crunchy little nuggets make a nice snack at almost any time of day. They’re offered in chip-like flavours, including smoky bacon, salt & vinegar, dill pickle and all dressed; as well as in sweet flavours like apples & cinnamon, Canadian Maple, chocolate. There’s an extensive range of more varied “nouveau” flavours such as cracked pepper and lime, honey ginger & lime, sweet & salty, garlic, balsamic & sweet onion, chai latte and my perennial favourite, Sriracha.

PS: Though I haven’t tried them, I did note that The Bean Ladies are also offering a similar snack based on dried chickpeas.

A bag of soybeans costs about $6 and is, in my opinion, competitively priced. Given that quality protein bars cost between $2 and $3, even bought in bulk, it’s quite a bargain, actually.

With the highly coveted combination of high protein, moderate fat, and low-to-zero sugar content, I’m thrilled to have found these snack options! Soybeans make a nice alternative to nuts, and soy protein gives me a bit of a break from the whey protein that otherwise constitutes a huge percentage of my high daily macros in protein. If you want to see some nutritional values (sadly lacking from The Bean Ladies site), I found some here.

And even more importantly, these are tasty. While roasted soybeans can tend to be rather dry, I find these more palatable than most. My sister wouldn’t try them when I was visiting her a few weeks ago, but two of her kids did, and they agreed that these were great.

With the huge variety of flavours on offer, one would be hard pressed to get bored of the available options.

There are all kinds of warnings out there on the health scene that men shouldn’t eat soy protein, but I’m a believer in varying one’s protein sources. I’m confident that choosing soy protein a few times a week isn’t sacrificing my masculinity in any way. No, really.

Now if only my local shops could keep these beans in stock. Seems I’m not alone in my pleasure at having discovered The Bean Ladies offerings – the last two times I’ve checked, my local store was in danger of running out. Might be time to buy online!


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