Things I Love: Peanut Butter Re-defined!

I eat pretty healthy – let’s say that at least 85% of the time, what goes into my stomach is downright healthy. And I can safely say that my diet is well balanced. I know my macros, I know my metabolic requirements, and of course I know that what goes into this body is ultimately fuel for what it can do.

And certainly it is true that I watch my calories. I’m one of those people who puts on a pound of fat in a single weekend and then keeps it for weeks after – no matter how diligent the diet and exercise that follows.

But I can’t – and won’t – resist the allure of peanut butter. Whether in a classic sandwich, or as extra flavour for a smoothie or protein shake, or eaten off a spoon, peanut butter is a staple and a go-to energy booster for me (more later on the awesomeness of a peanut butter and Nutella energy bullet!). There’s nothing unhealthy about most peanut butter, if you can ignore the high sugar content in the regular (read: non-natural) stuff. I just can’t always spare the extra calories it adds. That’s why I was thrilled to discover this nifty little product!

Powdered peanut butter. Yes. It's true.

Powdered peanut butter. Yes. It’s true.

PB2 is a dehydrated Peanut Butter from Bell Plantation. There’s a plain version and a chocolate version, which I haven’t tried yet but clearly will [Because chocolate. And peanut butter. Together.].

To extoll on the marketing front, PB2 offers all the flavour and goodness of peanut butter, with about 85% less fat calories. Still adds a protein punch. And it has a titch less sugar than standard PB. As I’ve happily discovered, while it can take a few extra shakes of the cup or an extra three seconds of the blender whirring to blend smoothly, once it does, it adds a silky richness to the texture of my drink — making it more palatable.

I couldn’t bring peanut butter to work to shake with protein powder at my desk – eww, chunks. But I can add this stuff. With glorious results. One more change-up option in a world of nutrition that can get a little predictable over time.

We still keep jars of peanut butter around, but they’re now sharing shelf space with this wonder. Oh. So. Good.

Check it out when you get a chance at your local fine foods or health food store.

PS: If you camp, hike, or otherwise do activities where you carry your earthly belongings around on your back to subsist for a few days at a time, this stuff is gold. Add water as per directions, and you’ve got instant peanut butter at a mere fraction of the weight. I may not understand the compulsion to backpack, but I am a cyclist, so I get the trim-every-ounce-of-weight issue!


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